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Baby girl, if you hang with folks who mask hate and intolerance in the robes of religion, and then dare to peek beneath the robe, you’re bound to get pushback. Noisy, bitchy pushback.

You know, though, that I don’t often endorse “keeping your mouth shut.”
Marriage in this country is a *secular, government-sposored, state-regulated* institution. God aint got nothing to do with it, unless you invite him or her to the ceremony. Nobody is saying a Baptist minister or a Catholic priest has to perform a gay ceremony — hell, a priest can say he won’t marry you two people if one of them has been divorced, forget if both of them are dudes. And guess what — other people’s marriages have Zero impact on yours. Gay marriage effects you the same way the Kardashians do. If you like it, enjoy it, if you don’t, change the damn channel and ignore it.

I like my religion, but it doesn’t justify bigotry.

- A dear friend